J-LiE Petite Collection


the pact that I, Sofia Afrenie make to do better, to be better, to inspire change

Made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, J-LiE Petite Collection is the Change you can wear.

Global Organic Textile Standards set the highest ecological, sustainable and social requirement for organically produced natural fibers.

The Cotton is grown organically. No pesticides or other pollutants are used that harm the environment and the health of the farmers. Instead, natural fertilizers are adopted. The Cotton is also picked by hand. Chemical defoliants to facilitate mechanical harvesting are not practiced.

Only certain substances and processes are used that are as enviromentally compatible as possible.

Also working with GOTS-certified organic cotton ensures that the workers who produce the fibers are safe, respected, paid fairly, without being abused or pressured to work excessive hours.